Olympe de Gouges school

Our philosophy

The ambition of the Olympe de Gouges school is to offer children a privileged and caring environment in which to learn, develop and move forward with confidence.

Our educational project is based on the following pillars:

Placing the child at the centre of his or her learning using active and innovative teaching methods (including Montessori in nursery), so that each pupil develops self-confidence and grows up serenely. Individualised monitoring and multi-level arrangements enable each pupil to progress at his or her own pace..

Ensuring mastery of fundamental knowledge. We follow the French Education Nationale’s base of knowledge, skills and culture, while using innovative teaching methods. We enrich our programmes with the study of two foreign languages.

Offering an international trilingual environment with English immersion from the age of 2 and a bilingual curriculum from nursery section to CM2. In addition to English, pupils start learning Spanish LV2 from the moyenne section.

Raising children’s civic awareness and openness to the world by integrating the issue of living together as well as social and environmental issues into our teaching, our workshops and our projects.

Introduce pupils to the wonders of our cultural heritage by offering them a rich and varied programme, both in and out of class: regular visits to museums, participation in creative workshops, outings around Paris to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of our capital.

Putting physical exercise and sport at the heart of learning by offering regular sessions from the very earliest age section, in gymnasiums as well as outdoors, and offering the opportunity to discover new sports through discovery workshops (e.g. tennis cycle in elementary school).

Our team

A dynamic, professional team committed to the well-being and growth of your children.


Head of school : Eloïse Rocher
Deputy Head : Olivier Beluche



→ Nusery school
Mathilde de Solere
Mathilda Wernert
Aida Gheorghinoiu
Sangeetha Krishnasamy
Gaëlle Makouezi

→ Primary school
Marie Jacquemard Avel (French lessons)
Parthivi Negi (English lessons)
Eloïse Rocher (History-Geography and Literature CE2-CM2)
Olivier Beluche (EPS)



Nursery manager: Elodie Amiot
4 socio-educational assistants



About Groupe SOS

The Olympe de Gouges School is an association of the SOS Group.

Groupe SOS is a group of associations, a major player in the social economy and a European leader in social entrepreneurship.

It groups together 650 establishments and services, associations and social enterprises, which undertake to benefit people in vulnerable situations, future generations and local areas.

Since it was founded in 1984, during the AIDS years, the SOS Group has been combating all forms of exclusion, working to ensure that everyone has access to the essentials and innovating in the face of social, societal and environmental challenges.

Non-profit, with no shareholders, the actions of the Groupe SOS and its 22,000 employees have an impact in France and in more than 40 countries around the world for 2 million beneficiaries.

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